Yeastar PBX System Dubai


Today, in the modern office, even a small company can be found several different channels of communication with the outside world – that landline phones, mobile phones,  phones connected through the Internet and Sip trunking from service provider. All this would be nice to combine into a single system to access all these channels by any employee, regardless of their location. Plus you should take care of the customers, giving them the opportunity to call at a convenient time and get the right information. Yeastar Dubai help you achieve all this with Yeastar PBX  phone system.

Yeastar PBX System is a powerful all-in-one system that delivers enterprise-grade functionalities and features to SMBs.Yeastar PBX System includes powerfull features for contact centeres, office telephone system and remote office connectivity.Yeaster pbx is a powerful, yet simple communications solution that allows your business to connect and collaborate in real-time without limitations.The compact and feature-rich Yeaster PBX is available in multiple models to fit your business needs. Yeastar PBX System provides easy installation, flexible connectivity, and convenient management for SMB.

Yeastar Dubai is a complete Business Communications for small and medium sized businesses. Benefit from powerful capabilities to help your employees work smarter and serve your customers more effectively. Yeastar PBX System is a highly modular unified communications platform designed to meet the requirements of home offices, stand alone businesses, and networked branch and head offices for small and medium sized organisations.

It can enhance customer contacts by providing employees with access to important information. Yeastar Telephone System that enables high quality VoIP and Unified Communications services  in a office telephony solution.